Crematorium designed like an airport comes up in Gujarat

| Updated: Jul 25, 2017 19:19 IST

Bardoli (Gujurat) [India], July 25 (ANI): A crematorium in Gujarat's Bardoli area has been designed like an airport and named Moksha Airport. The crematorium has two mammoth replicas of two forty-feet aeroplanes which are named Moksha Airlines and Swarg Airlines. The most unique thing about this crematorium is, when the funeral enters, an announcement similar to airport is made to guide them which gate they should enter for peace of departed soul. The crematorium has created airport like atmosphere to soothe and console the grieved family members. It has been built on the banks of the Mindola river. People from more than 40 villages come here to perform last rites. The crematorium helps them with all the necessary arrangements. The process from entry to reaching the pantheon to the kiln will be an airport environment. The crematorium has five furnaces out of which 3 are electric and 2 are traditional funeral pyre The furnace will make aeroplane like noise when the body is placed inside. President of the crematorium Somabhai Patel said that he got the idea of an airport-like crematorium as a child when his parents said that the dead in his house were taken to heaven in a flight. He added, "We provide a pilot as well as a statue of the deceased. We do it so that the relatives can see the deceased going to heaven". The renovation work of the crematorium will be wrapped up soon. (ANI)