Cyclonic 'Vardah' to take one-two hours more to move inside land completely: IMD

| Updated: Dec 12, 2016 21:50 IST

New Delhi/Chennai [India], Dec. 12 (ANI): India Meteorological Department (IMD) Additional Director General (Services) M. Mohapatra on Monday said the landfall process of the severe cyclonic storm 'Vardah' near Chennai commenced from 14:00 hrs IST and it is still in the process of falling over land and is very close to the cost. Divulging the present status of Vardah, the IMD ADG told ANI that it would take one-two hours more for the complete central part of the cyclone to go inside the land. So far, he said, the wind speed has been 100-110 km per hour (kmph), while Chennai has reported the maximum wind speed of 92 kmph with gustiness up to 100 kmph. Taking about the measures taken by the IMD to tackle the situation, Mohapatra said, "As and when there is a cyclone, there is a standard operating procedure and as per this procedure, we issue bulletin at the interval of every three hours with all suggested actions and damages and also the forecast parameters of cyclone are provided to the disaster managers to the Central and state levels and all actions taken by the Centre and the states also." IMD Director General (DG) K.G.Ramesh too confirmed that the complete landfall of Vardah to take another couple of hours and as a result the conditions between Chennai and Nellore will remain severe. Heavy rains and high-velocity wind expected to continue for the next 8-12 hours as northern prong of the cyclone hits north of Chennai 20 minutes back. Meanwhile, trees uprooted and damage reported as heavy rains and strong winds hit Mahabalipuram in Kancheepuram district. Heavy rains and strong wind also hit Tada village in Andhra Pradesh, uprooting many trees. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said Chennai Suburban network has been suspended till further notice, while some trains coming to Chennai, and also moving out of the city, have been diverted and cancelled. Andhra Pradesh Coast Guard DIG Haribola told ANI that ship that was sent to rescue two fishermen off Kakinada (AP) couldn't reach them due to rough sea. (ANI)