Delhi: 'Captive' mother-daughter rescued, father-in-law arrested

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar 22 (ANI): In a hair raising incident, a woman and her daughter were rescued today after they were allegedly held captive in a room by the father-in- law for more than a year. The incident came to light after a resident admitted the pair in the hospital with the help of South West District Police of Dowari. The woman and her daughter are currently not mentally and physically stable. Post the traumatic order, both the mother and her daughter are not mentally or physically stable. The Police have said they will record the statement once their condition is stable. Meanwhile, the Police has filed an FIR and also arrested the father-in- law, Mahavir Mishra. Further upon being grilled, Mishra denied the fact that he had locked the woman and her daughter but stated that they were possessed by supernatural elements. "I did not stop them from going out or meeting others, in fact they were under spell of some spirits I think," Mishra told ANI. Meanwhile, the neighbours stated that they had not seen both the women for years and didn't know there were inside the house. The doors and windows were always locked. Mahavir had two sons who died in an accident years ago. Mishra held captive his younger daughter-in-law and her daughter, while his elder daughter-in-law was not allowed to meet the family not the two of them. Further investigation is on. (ANI)