Delhi Archbishop pulls up Centre, says rail accidents 'purely man-made tragedies'

| Updated: Jan 23, 2017 22:58 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan. 23 (ANI): Delhi Archbishop Anil J.T. Couto on Monday took potshots at the Centre over the recent railway accidents while dubbing them as man-made tragedies due to the government's failure in implementing safety recommendations thereby putting the passengers' lives at risk. "These are purely man-made tragedies and the government and the railway officials seem to ignore and brush aside the recommendations on safety of rail passengers," Couto said. Expressing deep concern, Couto said the train accidents can avoided if proper safety measures are put in place. Quoting the recent Bihar boat tragedy and Gangasagar stampede, the Archbishop appealed to the Centre and state governments to make adequate arrangements for the public during major festivals and celebrations. "The loss of human lives in Patna boat tragedy and stampede in Gangasagar could have been prevented if the government machineries had put in place proper and adequate security and safety arrangements. It's high time that the governments put the safety and security of its citizens above short-term political and other gains," he said. More than 115 people were injured in the accident which occurred near Kuneru station in Vijianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh late Saturday night, when the train was going to Bhubaneswar. (ANI)