Delhi: Deceased police inspector's wife cries foul, demands CBI probe

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], May 12 (ANI): Alleging that provocation by a senior police officer led to police inspector Kaushal Ganguly's death at the C.R. Park Police Station, his wife has sought registering a case against the former and has urged for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigation. The deceased's cops wife has also requested that Rajiv Ranjan, the accused officer, be suspended and attached with some other district till the conclusion of the investigation, to avoid distortion of proofs and facts. Ganguly's wife alleged that the Java 2 Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) used 'racist' and 'derogatory' words like for her husband as they belonged to SC/ST community. "When my husband appeared for explanation, he was insulted, mentally harassed and tortured. My husband finally asked for a transfer and he was transferred to District Investigation Unit (DIU) of south east district Delhi for investigating the old and unsolved files," the complaint letter read. Ganguly's wife also said that her husband used to discuss with her the harassment being done with him. "He was abused and inappropriate language was used by the Java 2 which he had been tolerating since long. Java 2 used to threaten my husband to get him dismissed from the service," the statement read. Narrating the entire incident, the wife indicated towards some conspiracy of how he was called to the C.R. Park Police Station to collect a file on a gazetted holiday and later in the evening, he was shot dead which the police state as suicide. Two days after Police Inspector Kaushal Ganguly shot himself at the C. R. Park Police Station, the family of the deceased alleged that he was tortured by one of his senior officers, adding that that the senior inspector was behind the death. "My husband was very happy after his promotion and was even working fine. But after March, he was little disturbed. I even asked him what the matter was. He told me that one of his senior officer; I don't know his name, troubles him a lot. A person takes time to understand new work. He said that his senior used to just keep his file aside. He was humiliated in front of his juniors," said the wife of Ganguly. His wife said that he had a very jolly nature and could never imagine that he would take such a drastic step. "My husband even told me that his senior abused him too and even passed racist comment. Police claims are false that my husband was depressed. I work in a hospital, if he would have been in depression, I would have known about it," she added. She said that she had a word with Ganguly few hours before he allegedly shot himself and even at that time he seemed fine. "His senior harassed him a lot, publically. It is the police's duty to protect the people. How can a police inspector behave in such a way?" said Ganguly's daughter. The family asserted that Ganguly was right handed and questioned as to how he could shoot himself with his left hand. Meanwhile, District Commissioner of Police (DCP) South East, R. Baniya said Ganguly's post-mortem has been done and primary investigation has been started in the matter. "The post-mortem done has been done in the C.R. Park Police inspector alleged suicide case. We have started primary investigation. A proceeding has been started under Section 176 CrPC," Baniya said in press briefing here. Reacting on the allegation made by the family members of the deceased police inspector that he had some tiff with his senior who didn't use to behave nicely with him, following which he took this drastic step, Baniya said that the matter would be investigated. "We would look into such issues. So far we have not come across any complaint regarding this," he said. Earlier on Wednesday, a police inspector allegedly shot himself dead at Delhi's C. R. Park Police Station. Ganguly was posted in District Investigation Unit (DIU) South Delhi. He got the pistol issued from the C. R. Park Police Station on the pretext that he is deployed on duty for tomorrow's Shab-e-Barat arrangements. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was declared brought dead. Till now no suicide note has been found so far. (ANI)