Delhi Eastern Naga Students' Union celebrates Silver Jubilee

| Updated: Nov 30, 2016 14:02 IST

By Vangamla Salle K S New Delhi [India] Nov. 30 (ANI): Delhi is a city of opportunity where every year people from across the country arrive to seek better education, career opportunities and a better life. Those coming from outside bring their unique cultures and traditions. Celebrating life in a historic manner, the Delhi Eastern Naga Students' Union (DENGSU) recently rolled out a red carpet for their people on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee. The celebrations were graced by Nagaland's Health and Family Welfare Minister P Longon, DoNER Secretary Naveen Verma and other dignitaries. "I am happy that I am part of this celebration and to be a part of this commemoration programme. And, I am also proud of my people; unexpectedly my people are also here in Delhi completing 25 years of their stay," said Longon. DENSU consists of six tribes from Nagaland, namely Chang, Phom, Khiamniungan, Konyak, Sangtam and Yimchunger. Hundreds of students from these tribes gathered and witnessed their rich and unique culture at the event. "You feel as if you have come back to Eastern Nagaland. Seeing the Konyak, Morung and the log drum is something that actually took you back to Nagaland. So, I am very happy that the Eastern Naga chapter of Delhi has done a great event. They actually have taken lots of pain to bring and reach Eastern Nagaland right here. And I've told that even the bamboos are authentic, so it is very good. I wish that such events are organised and occur more often here in Delhi," added Naveen Verma, DoNER Secretary. "This kind of events should take place in Delhi more often and also not only with Nagaland people but also with Delhites, so that interaction makes them closer to each other. And that will increase the mutual understanding and also the corporation between the people of Nagaland and Delhi," added Madan Lal, AAP MLA. To mark and honour the celebration, the Naga students set up a real indigenous Morung for the first time in New Delhi, which remained the centre of attraction. Another major attraction was the log drum, giving a glimpse of the rich heritage. "We, Delhi Eastern Nagaland student try to bring something different in the city of Delhi. In our culture, we have Morung and log drum but this is first time in the history of Delhi that we were able to construct this Morung and showcased the log drum. Log drum is normally used on a occasion, celebration or a war cry. So traditionally for our culture, this is very very significant. And we are very happy that we could put in place this Morung in Delhi," said Dr. Hentok Phom, Jubilee Convener. The artefacts and the materials were brought all the way from eastern Nagaland for the celebrations. A cultural programme was also organised where performances by various music bands left the audiences awestruck. Budding fashion designer Doichung Buchen also showcased her latest collections, a unique mix of traditional and modern designs. "I feel so good and after long time, I came to such places and I really miss back home. And to see the traditional dresses, I really liked it and enjoyed a lot," added by one of the beaming audiences. A window to the cultural mosaic of Eastern Nagaland, the event highlighted the rich and vibrant culture and life of the people. Such celebrations strengthen bond among communities and promotes tribal culture and traditions. (ANI)