Demonstrators demanded implementation of centre health scheme Ayushman Bharat in the hospitals here.
Demonstrators demanded implementation of centre health scheme Ayushman Bharat in the hospitals here.

Delhi: Locals raised slogans against Kejriwal, Jain over poor health facilities

ANI | Updated: Aug 11, 2019 22:35 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 11 (ANI): Outraged over poor health facilities in government hospitals, locals on Sunday took to the streets and raised slogans against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Health Minister Satyendar Jain.
Demonstrators demanded implementation of the health scheme--Ayushman Bharat--in the hospitals here.
"Since Arvind Kejriwal-led government came to power in Delhi, the health facilities have worsened. We tried to stage protests in various hospitals but neither the administration nor any minister came to listen to our grievances," said Shashi Yadav, a protestor, while speaking to ANI.
"The youths of our area blocked Satyender Jain's path today when he was heading towards our area. We gave him a written complaint regarding the poor health facilities in government hospitals. If the Delhi government doesn't work in this direction at the soonest, we will make sure that Satyender Jain is not be allowed to enter our area," he added.
The protestors claimed that whenever they visit any government hospital for some treatment, the hospitals are short of medicines, and hence they have to buy medicines from private medical shops. Despite the availability of testing machines like x-ray machines in the government hospitals, they have to rush to a private hospital for these tests.
"Our government is so shameless that it has not even provided basic rabies injections and other vaccines for children in many government hospitals since months now. Our only demand from the state government is that they should stop this corruption at the earliest and should improve the health facilities in government hospitals," added Yadav.
However, Jain has claimed that the protestors were "political people" who were staging protest for photographs.
"They were political party people if they had any problem they should have come to me. They were busy in clicking photos," said Jain (ANI)