Demonetisation: Is there no end to people's woes?

| Updated: Dec 21, 2016 18:42 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec. 21 (ANI): It is close to 42 days since the ban of high-denomination Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 currency notes kicked in, and the public says it sees no light at the end of what they call a dark tunnel. With people lining up in long queues outside bank ATMs to withdraw money, their plight is not hidden from anybody. Struggling to take out their own money, people are actually losing their patience, and in some cases have even broke down. With uncontrollable tears in his eyes, Shiv Babu narrated his ordeal. "People don't have money even for basic necessities such as food, rent etc. Bank did not give us money in spite of having an amount of a lakh in the account. We literally had to sprawl on the floor to take money," he said. "Some say Rs. 24,000 can be deposited, some say something else. Government should have thought about the problems which will be faced before taking this decision. It should have thought that how will we eat and manage our daily expenses," he adds. While some expressed disappointment, some reposed their faith the government's decision, applauding the move and expecting the situation to get better with time. "What Modi sir has done is a good initiative. But this does not hide the fact that we people are facing problems. Even if the ATM is dispensing Rs. 2,000 on every transaction, at least it should be ensured that all ATMs have cash," said Akshay. "I am in favour of the decision. The situation is better than before and might improve more in the coming days," said another. With the move to complete the deadline of 50 days, we hope the government meets up to the expectations of the common man, so that every person hails the decision. (ANI)