Demonetisation: Kalachakra Committee issues guidelines for pilgrims

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh) [India], Nov. 19 (ANI): In wake of the difficulties being faced by Tibetan pilgrims due to demonetisation, the organising committee of Kalachakra has issued certain guidelines to improve the situation for pilrigms. His holiness the Dalai Lama will give Kalachakta initiations in Bodhgaya from January 3-14. The organising committee assured that it will endeavor to arrange facilities to accept contributions in the form of cheques and online transactions through credit and debit cards during the Kalachakra. Exiled Minister for Department of Religion and Culture Karma Gelek Yuthok said, "We have some suggestions and recommendations because it definitely affects the coming of many devotees and many of them will just get caught in the middle without having. the money they have is kind of invalid. so, we have suggested that they may try to bring the permitted amount of their currency and try to get it exchanged at airports or Indian banks." "Secondly, try to travel with credit or debit cards etc. and then also some normal cheques or travel cheques and we will try to make special arrangements in Bodh Gaya for the usage of those cheques and cards instead of receiving cash, and we hope that can solve some of the problems," Yuthok added. The organising committee has encouraged Tibetans coming to India for pilgrimage to convert their respective country's currency into American dollars as dollars are considered more stable and easier to exchange in India. The committee has emphasized the need to respect the host country's legal compliance regulations with regard to foreign exchange. (ANI)