Despite cash crunch, people across nation back PM on demonetisation

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Jaipur/Gulbarga/Hyderabad [India], Nov. 13 (ANI): Hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an appeal to the people to cooperate with him for 50 days in implementing demonetisation process, people across the country - despite facing inconveniences due to paucity of cash - have backed and lauded the Centre's effort to flush out black money from the system. "It is ok if the whole process takes more than 50 days to clean up the black money from the system. Opposition parties are slamming the Prime Minister because they possess black money," a Jaipur resident said. "The opposition has a job to oppose every move of the government. Inflation will be taken care of by this move," a Hyderabad resident said. "Since the announcement by Prime Minister Modi, the black money is dead. We will cooperate with the government at every level," a Gulbarga resident said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday made an impassioned plea to the nation to give him 50 days to weed out ill-gotten wealth in the country. Speaking at a function organised by the Goa Government, Prime Minister Modi said his drive against corruption and black money, especially the demonetisation, had put him up against those involved in the illegal trade for over last 70 years. "I know what kind of forces and what kind of people who will be against me now. I am looting what they had accumulated for over 70 years," Modi said. "They will not leave me alive. They will destroy me. Let them do what they want. The nation should just help me for 50 days," he added. He assured the people that the demonetisation drive was not the end of his campaign against corruption and black money and that he was working on other projects to curb the spread of unaccounted money. (ANI)