Dharmendra Pradhan to participate in annual CERA Week

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi (India), Mar. 2 (ANI): Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan will be visiting Boston and Houston, USA, from March 3-7 along with a delegation comprising the CEOs of Public Sector Oil and Gas companies. During his visit to Boston from March 3 to 4, Pradhan will deliver a keynote speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Energy Conference on the theme Balance of Power-the Changing Energy Paradigm. He will address the students at Harvard Kennedy School on the subject India's Petroleum and Natural Gas Policy. At Fletcher Energy and Environment Club of Tufts University, Pradhan will interact with the students on Challenges in Petroleum and Natural Gas sector in the context of Paris Agreement and India's commitment on climate change. He will also be meeting the Mayor of City of Boston and interact with Indian community. Pradhan will also participate in the annual CERA Week - International Conference on Oil and Gas from March 5-7 during which he will be speaking at the Ministerial Plenary and in several other platforms. Pradhan is scheduled to have several bilateral meeting with visiting Petroleum Ministers, including from Canada, UAE, Israel, USA, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Russia and also Secretary General of International Energy Agency (IEA). He will also be meeting and exchanging views with renowned experts from hydrocarbon sector, including Dr Daniel Yergin and Bob Dudley, Group Chief Executive of BP. During his stay in Houston, he will interact with Indian origin scientists and CEOs working in the oil and gas sector and Indian community members. The Petroleum Minister will showcase India's hydrocarbon sector and the recent policy reforms under leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at CERA Week, which is world's largest hydrocarbon conference. He will interact with Ministers, policy makers, technologists, scientists, planners and management experts, entrepreneurs, service providers and vendors in order to attract investment into India's growing oil and gas sector. (ANI)