Dinakaran bribery row: FIR holds Sukesh Chandrasekhar as another conspirator

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India] Apr 18 (ANI): A day after All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) general secretary TTV Dinakaran was booked for charges of bribery, the FIR filed by the Delhi Police states that the arrested man Sukesh Chandrasekhar conspired with Sasikala Natarajan's nephew to obtain a favourable order from the Election Commission on the symbol row. The FIR filed by the Delhi Police said Chandrasekhar posed as an MP and had the number plates of his car painted to pull off the act. It adds that Chandrasekhar, a resident of Bengaluru, is 27-year-old and has been involved in multiple cases of fraud earlier. The FIR highlights that he had cases registered against him in Bengaluru, Chennai and other places. According to the FIR, the Delhi Police received intimation on April 15 about Chandrasekhar. The intimation said that he had checked into room number 263 of a five-star hotel in Delhi and that he possessed a large amount of cash. The report claims that the police were also informed of Chandrasekhar posing as an MP and using a car with Member of Parliament painted on its number plates. The FIR also adds that the informer told them about how Chandrasekhar has been in constant touch with Dinakaran of the AIADMK Amma camp over the symbol row. The police claimed that they were even told of how a deal had been struck for Rs. 50 crore between Dinakaran and Chandrasekhar to obtain a favourable verdict from the Election Commission over the matter. The informer allegedly told the police that they can find money in Chandrasekhar's possession that was given by Dinakaran. Following the information, the police arrested Chandrasekhar from the hotel. The FIR alleges that Chandrasekhar denied having any money but a bag filled with bundles of Rs. 2,000 notes amounting to Rs. 1.3 crore was found in the room. The money was seized along with Chandrasekhar's Benz that was parked in the hotel's parking lot. He was then taken to the police station. (ANI)