Discourteous Jet Airways staff 'least bothered', says harassed passenger

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], May 6 (ANI): Ground staff of Jet Airways here are in the dock for allaegdly harassing the mother of former Supreme Court advocate Kawaljit Singh Bhatia, Savita Bhatia. Savita claimed that in spite of having a black out and severe jaw bleeding, the airline ground staff were 'least bothered' about offering any kind of assistance. She told ANI that one staff member, Upasana Bagga, refused to let her board in spite of her being on time. "I was told to pay an extra fee of Rs. 5,500 and even after paying they did not let me go. Since I had to rush for boarding, I had a panic attack and blanked out. I woke up with a bleeding jaw and even then nobody from the airline offered to help me," she said. Charging the staff of inducing a panic attack, Savita Bhatia said Upasana looked like she was 'determined to cause harassment' against all odds. "Action must be taken against the staff. This kind of non-courteous behaviour is unacceptable. They are from a hospitality background. Either she is mad or she is unfit for this job," said Bhatia. The victim's son-in-law Gurshaan Kohli, who was later contacted by Jet Airways said the airline refused to take responsibility for the incident, and went on to make sure that they could not purchase tickets in another airlines as well. "A Jet Airways official called and said it is not their fault. We then tried to book a ticket on Air India but this was also refused. if there is a common consensus on the airline being problematic, some action needs to be taken collectively," he said. Earlier, Kawaljit Singh Bhatia in a Facebook post alleged that his mother was harassed by Jet Airways officials at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on May 3. (ANI)