Don't try to threaten us, we are ready for a debate: Government tells opposition

| Updated: Dec 10, 2016 20:16 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec. 10(ANI): Union Information and Broadcasting Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday asked the Congress Party not to threaten the government, adding that it is ready for a debate on demonetisation. "Don't threaten us, we are not scared. We are ready for a debate from the beginning, but you ran away in the middle of the debate. Nobody is going to be threatened by this and we have seen what they can do. You are not able to revive your party. They did not have the strength, that's why they ran away. Without even going to the people or allowing the people's representatives to be heard in the house. You are abstracting both ways, that's why I say that you are committing contempt of democracy, contempt of parliament and simply by verbal threatening."Naidu said. He further said the Congress Party and other opposition parties should answer whether they favour of the fight against corruption and black money or not. "Are they in favour or against demonetisation? Are they in favour or against digitisation? Are they protesting against the policy or its implementation? Are they interested in educating the people because demonetisation has become a reality? Are they interested in giving suggestions for improving the situation and give ideas for better implementation or not? Are they really willing to lend support to the effort to the Prime Minister to end this parallel economy in the country or not? These are a couple of questions, they need to debate and discuss and the best forum to discuss them is come to parliament, be peaceful and debate.hear the government and if still you are agitated you can go to people and agitate," he added. Taking potshots at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, Naidu said, "By saying 'Bhukamp hoga' what sort of a message you want to convey to the people? Congress is shrinking day by day, from 440 they have come to 44. They are not aware of the reality of the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is growing across the country, they can't digest it," Gandhi yesterday said that if he speaks on demonetisation in the parliament, then ruling regime would be hit by an 'earthquake'. "Government is running away from the debate, if they allow me to speak in parliament, then you will see what an earthquake will occur," he said. The Congress vice president described demonetisation as the biggest scam in the history of the country and warned that he would expose the real reason behind the decision taken on November 8. (ANI)