DRI seizes 4.2 kg gold worth Rs. 1.14 crore from Mumbai airport

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] Feb. 18 (ANI): The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) on Saturday seized 4.2 kilogram gold worth Rs 1.14 crore found in a consignment at Mumbai airport concealed in the form of hooks and buttons in 91 trousers, coated with silver colour. The consignment consisted of ten cartons with old clothes worth Rs 13,000 and had been imported in the name of Usha Mudaliar, a resident of Mulund who had arrived from Dubai a few days earlier. On examination, the officers found that the hooks and hook supports of the trousers were heavier than normal. Detailed examination revealed that the hooks were actually made of gold coated with silver colour as camouflage. The Custom House Agent engaged in clearance, Pinakin Sodha, said that the goods were supposed to be delivered to Durriya Ismail Soni and Yusuf Azgar Lokhandwala. He further stated that these two individuals had earlier also cleared consignments in a similar way. Usha Mudaliar, on whose name the import took place, said that she had met Durriya Soni a few days ago and had given her passport to her for a monetary consideration. She further denied having imported anything through unaccompanied baggage. Lokhandwala and Durriya Soni admitted knowledge of gold in the present consignment and have also stated that they have cleared similar consignments in the past through the same mode. Both Yusuf Lokhandwala and Durriya Soni have been arrested and shall be produced to seek judicial custody. Further investigations are in progress. (ANI)