Prime Minister Narendra Modi replying to the 'Motion Of Thanks On the President's Address', in the Lok Sabha.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi replying to the 'Motion Of Thanks On the President's Address', in the Lok Sabha.

Due process will be followed in targeting corruption: Modi

ANI | Updated: Jun 25, 2019 19:25 IST

New Delhi [India], June 25 (ANI) Invoking the Emergency of 1975, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday rejected Congress allegations that it was targeting Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and said "due process" will be followed while continuing the attack on corruption.
Launching a scathing attack on the Congress and its leaders in the Lok Sabha, he made sarcastic and veiled references to the Gandhis saying "those who get bail should enjoy it".
Replying to the debate on the motion of thanks to the President's Address, Modi said his government will continue to take action against corruption.
Referring to speech of Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury who had accused Modi government of making allegations against top leaders to defame them and challenged it to arrest UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Modi said his government was being criticised for "not putting (people) to jail".
He said the country was not under Emergency and due process of law will be followed.
"If you get bail, enjoy it," he said in a veiled reference to Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.
Modi also accused the Congress leadership of not thinking "beyond family" and that only a few contributed to the national progress.
Challenging the Congress, he asked if it had praised late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee before 2004 or till 2014. "You did not praise Narasimha Rao, was the name of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh taken during the debate. They do not think outside the family," he said.
"There are some people who feel only a few names contributed to national progress. They only want to hear those few names and ignore the others. We think differently, we feel each and every citizen has worked for India's progress," he said.
"You are riding high. I congratulate you. You can't see properly from a height, people on the ground look small. We do not believe in being on a high. We believe in connecting with the grassroots," he said.
He also used the anniversary of the imposition of Emergency to attack the Congress, saying it had killed the soul of the nation (ANI).