Economic growth cannot be ignored due to elections: BJP on Budget presentation

| Updated: Feb 01, 2017 12:19 IST

Mumbai, (Maharashtra), [India], Feb. 1 (ANI): Swatting away the opposition's charges of rushing the Budget for political gains, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has stated that the economic growth of the nation cannot be put on hold just because certain states are conducting elections. "Our Prime Minister has already made it very clear that we will not be approaching the five states going for polls with any issue. You need to understand that we have the courage of conviction and the integrity, both to deliver and lead by example, but you cannot stop the economic growth or progress of this country because certain states are going to elections," BJP spokesperson Shaina NC told ANI here. She added that this Budget is very important in view of demonetisation and it will be presented in the correct light. Switching over to the see-sawing developments surrounding the Uttar Pradesh elections, Shaina added that the Samajwadi Party seems to be drowning in its own family drama. "The Samajwadi Party seems to be drowning in its own family drama and I think people of Uttar Pradesh are fed up of this daily soap opera. They want development, they want progress and they know that the only natural option is the BJP," she added. The Union Budget will be presented today in Parliament by Jaitley and there will be no separate Rail budget from this year, as it has been merged with the General Budget. The government has advanced the date of budget presentation so as to complete the entire process before the end of financial year. The first part of the budget session has been kept brief in view of ongoing assembly polls in five states. (ANI)