Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a public rally in Kaushambi on Wednesday
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a public rally in Kaushambi on Wednesday

Even those contesting on 8 to 20 seats harbour dreams of becoming Prime Minister: PM Modi

ANI | Updated: May 01, 2019 16:22 IST

Kaushambi (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 1 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday took a swipe at opposition leaders claiming that even those leaders whose parties are contesting in a limited number of seats now harbour dreams of becoming prime minister.
Addressing a poll campaign rally, PM Modi said, “Today even those contesting on 8 seats, 20 seats and 40 seats also want to become prime minister. They should know that even to become the leader of the opposition more than 50 seats are required.”
He also attacked the Congress by asserting that the party is contesting at the lowest number of seats despite being in power for very long.
“One of the special characteristics of this election is that the Congress, which ruled for the longest after independence and has many former ministers and chief ministers is in such a condition that it is fighting on the least number of seats in these elections,” said PM Modi.
Prime Minister also asserted that he has been continuously working with the single aim of putting right all those things which "were destroyed by a family in 55 years".
He also made a mention of the Kumbh fair which was organised earlier this year and asserted that a corruption-free organisation of this massive fair helped to strengthen the global image of India.
“Previously whenever a Kumbh Mela was held corruption charges would come tumbling out. There would be talks of commissions. However, this time Kumbh Mela concluded with not a single corruption allegation. This time there were no complaints of theft. This time the Kumbh fair had made news all over the country for its cleanliness,” he said.
PM Modi also alleged that the during the rule of late former prime minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru the administration had suppressed news of a stampede at a Kumbh Mela he visited.
“When Pandit Nehru was Prime Minister, he had visited the Kumbh fair once. It was a time when Congress governments ruled from Panchayat to Parliament. During Pandit Nehru’s visit, there was a stampede in the Kumbh due to mismanagement, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people.
"However, to avoid a stain on the Nehru led government, the news was suppressed. Those families who lost their loved ones did not get even a single rupee as compensation. It was not just a stampede but what happened after the stampede, it was the height of insensitivity. This is an example of how governments change the management,” Prime Minister Modi said.
He also repeated his ‘adulteration’ jibe at the opposition and said: “These 'mahamilwati' people are strengthening casteist and dynastic politics. These people are either in jail or on bail. Such people can do no good for the state.”
PM Modi also invoked the airstrike and surgical strike to assert that new India under his leadership has become aggressive towards terrorism.
“The Samajwadi party and BSP leaders who cannot deal with village goons, how can they fight terrorism? We have given complete freedom to our armed forces. First, we did a surgical strike and then air strike. Pakistan was worried and deployed all its machinery to defend its border but we struck from the air. This is the new India which kills them inside their home,” said PM Modi.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address two more election rallies in the day. He will be addressing public gatherings in Itarsi and Jaipur. (ANI)