Exodus Day is not celebrated, but remembered: Anupam Kher

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Jan. 19 (ANI): Bollywood actor and Kashmir exodus victim Anupam Kher on Thursday, in an emotional message to the nation said that the migration of the Kashmiri Pandits is not celebrated but remembered with the effort of making the voices of the sufferers reach those unwilling to hear. Narrating the horrific ordeal, Kher said nobody can forget the night of January 19, 1990, when the utter disaster donned upon them. "No Kashmiri Pandit can forget about January 19, 1990. Lakhs of people were on streets. Announcements were being made from mosque saying 'Kashmiri Pandits, leave your house, leave your women, you go.' That night is unforgettable for our Kashmiri Pandit friends and relatives. It's been 27 years today. This exodus day is not celebrated, but remembered. It is an effort to make our voices reach to those ears who don't want to hear this," Kher told ANI. Asserting their intention of getting justice, Kher said it was not via violence, but through different mediums such as media and social media that they wanted to make their problems reach the concerned persons. "It is a live example of how citizens of a country are made to feel like tourists of the same place. Because the community of Kashmiri Pandits is a peaceful one that is why last year also I had released a video so that it reaches people. Through, media, social media, we want our voices to reach to the people," he added. Responding to a poser related to the present situation in the Valley, Kher said that after demonetisation, the extremists have undergone a shock. "The extremists of Kashmir have faced a shock after demonetisation, curbing of black money and a check on the fake currency racket. 100 percent exams were also conducted in Kashmir. People are shining from the state and bagging gold medal. Seeing all these, it is expected that the situation there might improve. Even today, we still wish to go back. We have been living like refugees in our own country. We are trying to go back to our homes and live in that environment," he added. Marking the 27th anniversary of the Kashmir exodus, Kher talked about his video that he released today entitled 'Maun', adding that he wanted to let the people know that they exist. "Today also, I am releasing a video which has a poem entitled 'Maun.' We want this to reach the world. The so called pseudo-liberals keep talking about problems. So, people should speak on this problem also," he added. In 1990, the then chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah and Minister of Home Affairs Mufti Mohammad Sayeed convinced former prime minister V.P. Singh to appoint Jagmohan as the governor of the state. Abdullah resented Jagmohan's appointment as he had recommended Abdullah's dismissal to Rajiv Gandhi in 1984. However, the Central Government gave a nod and Jagmohan was made the governor in 1990. As a result, Abdullah resigned on the very same day. Uttar chaos was witnessed in the Valley and lawlessness took over. Even Jagmohan could not reach Jammu due to bad weather and had to stay back in Srinagar. Reports of violent incidents kept coming and the Hindus who survived that night left the Valley and travelled to other parts of the country. (ANI)