Expelled BJP leader's wife thanks media for taking her stand

| Updated: Jul 23, 2016 00:14 IST

Lucknow, July 22 (ANI): Swati Singh, the wife of expelled Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Dayashankar Singh, today thanked the media for supporting her. Stating that she had nobody's support till yesterday, Swati showered praise on the media for a commoner like her because of which she could lodge a complaint. "The media has played a very important role because of which I am standing here and have come here to complain," Swati told the media here. "The BJP workers are with me and several others are also supporting me. The media has in particular supported me a lot," she added. The expelled BJP leader's wife turned emotional as she thanked the media in particular for giving her the courage to fight for her family, in particular her daughter. "Thank-you, thank-you so much that you people kept my word as well. I can express myself through you people, which is a very big thing. I am really grateful to you for standing with me in this hour of crisis," Swati stated. This came after the expelled BJP leader's family lodged an FIR against few BSP leaders, including party supremo Mayawati, for allegedly using foul language against them. Giving details about the complaint, Swati stated that her mother-in-law registered an FIR in the morning. "The same complaints were mine. So, our names have now been merged in one FIR," she added. Following assertions that the expelled BJP leader's wife and daughter had been 'traumatised' by the BSP members in retribution for his obscene comment on her, party chief Mayawati put the onus on his family's silence and said that they should have raised the same concern when he had made the statement that got him into trouble in the first place. "I spoke to my party when I heard about such strong comments being used against his daughter and his wife. And yes, they should have refrained from saying so. However, why did his wife and daughter stay quiet when he made the statement in the first place? They should have condemned it while they could, maybe then they would not have been in this position," Mayawati told the media here. Asserting it was possible that external elements had infiltrated the angry BSP protesters and directed the comments towards Dayashankar's family, she added that his wife and daughter had been targeted to make them feel the impact of obscene comments. "It was done so that they could feel the hurt when such comments are made against them. I did not tell my people to take to the streets, but they were filled with anger when their sister, who is like a god to them, was offended in such a manner," she said. Stating that his expulsion from the BJP for six years was not enough, Mayawati said that he should be permanently removed from the party as punishment for his comment. Adding that the FIR should have been filed by the BJP and not the BSP, she added that she has never used obscene language for any political leader in her life and called on people to rise above cheap politics and not use such foul language against each other. (ANI)