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Farmers benefit from Kargil's new soil testing laboratory

| Updated: Nov 04, 2016 13:36 IST

Kargil (Jammu and Kashmir)[India], Nov.4 (ANI): A new soil testing laboratory in Kargil is helping farmers. This laboratory has an assistant soil chemist, who is supported by a research assistant and laboratory attendant. "If this laboratory becomes functional, the farmers will know the status of their land. We conduct training every year and make farmers aware about checking fertility levels and accordingly provide them with fertilisers or manure to at least ensure a 50 percent, increase in crops," said the official. "Farmers of Kargil will benefit a lot from this soil testing laboratory. Earlier, this laboratory was in Bharu and at that time we did not have facilities. Now, we get the soil from the farmers and check it in the laboratory," the laboratory attendant told ANI. The research assistant said, "Soil testing is an important factor for crop production. We give the soil testing result to the farmers. Soil sampling has increased." Farmers are happy and hopeful that soil testing will increase their crop yield. (ANI)