Feisty CRPF performing duties in Kashmir valley despite cold wave

| Updated: Jan 23, 2017 19:50 IST

Srinagar(Jammu and Kashmir)[India], Jan 23 (ANI): Ahead of this year's republic Day, Security Personnel guarding the nation's borders are in high spirits and determined to maintain peace, law and order even in sub-zero temperatures. Kashmir is covered in a deep sheath of snow, and the inclement weather is expected to intensify in thedays to come. Even in this freezing cold the Central Reserve Police Force are performing their duties with fervor, and being provided every facility to help them. CRPF PRO Kashmir Rajesh Kumar said, "Considering the hardships of winter, the planning was done before hand, whether it be the Bukharis, kerosense burners, or warmers. Keeping in mind the duty hours, it is ensured, that wherever the Jawans are accomodated, they have proper heaters and facility of warm water. If they go out for duty, there are enough coats and gloves caps." "Indeed in such harsh conditions to be out on duty is very tough, therefore in our camp arrangements we ensure, warm food, tea and proper medication. We also ensure they get an off once a week, so they can unwind and give proper rest to their body and minds. Recreational activities, in camps, indoor games, TV, phone facilities ahave also been arranged in the camp, since duty is in such harsh conditions, their look-after is our responsibility and we have full arrangements" he added. He praised the CRPF personnel for performing their duties under such severe conditions. CRPF personnel Alok Jain said, "Yes, the winters this time is harsh, but our duty is our top priority. We must serve the nation and ensure proper law and order. The stone pelters and other trouble makers have disturbed the peace of the state, but we are present in full form to combat it. The Government has provided us with ample facilities and our priority is our duty." Another CRPF personnel, Santosh Kumar said, "We do our best in balancing the cold and our duties. The conditions are tough, but our duty commands a tougher resolve. Our shift begins at 7 a.m. and stretches to 6 p.m in the evening. " He added,"in this weather we all have to be very cautious with our patrolling and checking of people and goods. A Phiran can consist of both a Bukhari or an explosive. so we have to see that". "Whenever we feel exhausted, we sit for a while and stand up again", he said For last five months the CRPF has played a tremendous role in maintaining law and order in the Kashmir valley.(ANI)