Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking in Lok Sabha on Thursday.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking in Lok Sabha on Thursday.

For Cong, BC means ‘Before Congress’, AD means ‘After Dynasty’: PM

ANI | Updated: Feb 07, 2019 22:22 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 7 (ANI): For the Congress, BC means ‘Before Congress’ and AD means ‘After Dynasty’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday while attacking the main Opposition party.
He contended that it was the Congress’ “arrogance’ which had brought the party down from over 400 seats in the Lok Sabha to 44 seats while the BJP jumped from 2 Lok Sabha seats to full majority because of its “culture of service”.
Congress has its own notion of AD and BC. For it, BC means ‘nothing happened Before Congress’ and AD means ‘Everything happened After Dynasty’,” Modi said in the Lok Sabha while replying to a debate on motion of thanks to the President’s address.
Referring to his ‘Congress-mukt bharat (Congress-free India)’ campaign, Modi said it was not basically his own idea but was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi who had “desired to disband the Congress after Independence.”
The Prime Minister, while responding to the allegations and claims made by the Opposition members during the two-day debate in the House, focussed his attack on the Congress as he compared the work done under the Congress rule in 55 years with the work done by his government in 55 months.
He said after Independence, the country could have been rid of problems in two years if Congress had “vision”, “speed” or “intent”.
“We have worked at a greater speed in our five years,” he said and listed a host of schemes and initiatives taken by his government since 2014.
“In their (Congress’) 55 years, sanitation coverage was around 38 per cent and in our 55 months, it is nearly 98 per cent. Gas connections in their 55 years was 12 crore, it is 13 crore in 55 months,” Modi said while citing the initiatives of this government.
Modi, who has been accused by the Opposition of “destroying” institutions, hit back, saying it was the Congress and its governments which had harmed the institutions.
In this context, he cited the imposition of Emergency by the Indira Gandhi government in 1975, “misuse” of Article to dismiss state governments 50 times as examples and the “coup” charges against the Army in 2013 when Gen V K Singh was the Chief of the force.
The Prime Minister said when he talks about new India, “we talk about hope and faith which can be fulfilled only by those who are optimistic and confident.”
Those who keep crying, can be consoled only by “5-10 people while those with a resolve of change won’t go anywhere near them.”
He said: “Every work has to be seen comparatively. Four and a half years back what used to happen and what is the situation today. The way the country progressed from being an economy on 10th to 11th position to today as the 6th biggest economy. I fail to understand if being on the 11th position was a matter of pride, then why are they feeling bad for our economy being o the 6th position now.”
He said his government is “known for honesty, transparency, empathy towards the poor, for prioritising national interest, for acting against corruption and for fast-paced development.”
Outlining the growth of the country in the past a few years, Prime Minister Modi said: “India is today the second largest steel producer. The fourth largest automobile manufacturer is India. There is a record production of fruits and milk in the country.”
“We have the cheapest internet data and also the maximum consumption of the same in the world. The aviation sector is moving rapidly but opposition has the compulsion to oppose. This is important in democracy but I can see that while criticising Modi and the government some start saying bad for the country,” he said.
He also took a jibe at former Union Minister and Congress leader Kapil Sibal and said, “Some people are insulting the country by doing a false press conference in London.”
The Prime Minister also cited the address of senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge and said that the same reinforces the government’s honesty and truthfulness.
“Today Congress leader Kharge ji was saying that what Modi ji says in the public, the President repeated the same inside the Parliament. This proves that we are saying the truth as who says truth would say the same inside or outside the Parliament. I am grateful to him for registering the fact that we speak the truth everywhere. It is their problem that they have lost the habit of hearing the truth,” PM Modi said.
Prime Minister Modi also launched a scathing attack on the opposition for levying the charges of destroying the institutions on him.
“They said that Modi is destroying the institution. We have a saying that the thief scolding the guard. It must be pondered over that the Emergency was imposed by the Congress but somehow Modi is destroying the nation,” he said. (ANI)