Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking in Lok Sabha on Thursday
Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking in Lok Sabha on Thursday

For whom Congress wants to scrap Rafale deal, asks Prime Minister Modi

ANI | Updated: Feb 07, 2019 19:59 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 7 (ANI): Breaking his silence over the Rafale fighter plane deal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday accused the Congress of trying to obstruct the strengthening of armed forces and demanded an answer from the opposition as to ‘for whose favour they want the scrapping of Rafale deal.’
Replying to the debate on the motion of thanks to the President’s address in the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Modi said: “I want to ask what was the reason that not a single new generation fighter plane was provided to our Air Force in the last 30 years.”
“All accusations on Rafale deal have been answered by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. The Supreme Court has already studied all aspects of it. The Congress doesn’t want that our armed forces and Air Force are strengthened,” he said.
“I am levying this strong accusation and want to ask Congress as to in whose favour they want the scrapping of Rafale deal? In which company’s favour are you playing this game and who are these people who have deployed you? For 30 years, you have kept the armed forces unarmed,” he said.
Prime Minister Modi also alleged that history is a witness to the fact that during the Congress party’s and UPA government’s tenure, no defence deals happened without brokerage.
“I was once thinking how they can lie with such confidence on Rafale. I got into detail and realised that they have this preconceived notion that in the last 55 years of their rule, no defence deal has happened without brokerage. There is always some uncle or the other,” said Prime Minister Modi, while attacking the Congress.
He also said the Congress is infuriated because the work is happening with transparency as they have lost the habit of hearing the truth. (ANI)