Four pregnant women carried on a stretcher in Karnataka hospital

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Hubli (Karnataka) [India], Mar. 23 (ANI): As many as four pregnant women were carried on a single stretcher in a state government hospital in Karnataka's Hubli district on Thursday. One of the visitors to the hospital shot the video of these women being shifted from the wards. When questioned to speak on the incident, Superintendent Dr Shivappa Anur Shetty said, "There's no shortage of stretchers, it's only the inability of hospital staff to manage them accordingly." "We are aware of all this. The staff is actually doing this to save time. About 30 to 35 pregnant women get admitted into the hospital on a daily basis and shifting each one of them individually on a wheelchair is time consuming. We will ensure that this doesn't repeat," said Shetty. (ANI)