Fuel crisis continues in Tripura due to dilapidated condition of NH 44

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Agartala, July 11 (ANI): Fuel crisis continues in Tripura from last 20 days as supply from neighbouring Assam by tankers has almost stopped due to dilapidated condition of the NH 44 in Assam-Tripura border. Most of the filling stations in Agartala have put placard with 'no petrol, no diesel' while long queue of bikers waiting for several hours for their turn to fill petrol were noticed outside few filling stations which had fuel. People have to stand in long queue for more two-and-a-half hour for petrol of Rs. 200 as the government has rationed the fuel to overcome the situation. Dr Baburam Swami, a college teacher said, "I have come here to fill petrol but for the last 15 to 20 days there is huge crisis of petrol and wherever we go for filling petrol there is long queue. We have to wait for two hours and after that get petrol of only Rs 100 to 200. We are facing problem in going to office as because of the petrol crisis, autos are also charging more and we cannot reserve autos. This is a big problem as where there is petrol you will find long queue." This problem is going on for the last one month as because the poor road condition in Assam vehicles are unable to come and are blocked near to Churaibari. Sudip Kumar, a biker said, "The situation in Tripura has turned grave and people are facing great problem due to shortage of fuel. This problem is mainly due to the poor road condition and vehicles are unable to move in that. For around last 20 days the situation the fuel crisis is on and common public is facing maximum problem." Meantime, a fuel filling station staff complained that this has become a daily problem for not only the public but also the filling station staff as they have to over stay to give service. Subash Debnath, a fuel filling station manager said, "Due to the poor road condition vehicle are unable to come and so it is creating problem for everyone, for us as well the customers. This situation is going on for more than one month." However, in the grey market petrol is available but at a cost of Rs 150 to Rs 200 a litre. Along with fuel there is also severe crisis of cooking gas cylinder and other essential commodities. Tripura is passing through a fuel crisis for around a month as the NH44 in Assam-Tripura border is in dilapidated condition. Moreover, the rail link has also come to a halt due to conversion work. (ANI)