Fully support Centre, should be prepared for next step: Salman Khurshid on surgical strikes

| Updated: Sep 30, 2016 13:59 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept.30 (ANI): Extending his support to the Central government over the surgical strike carried out by the Indian Army, former external affairs minister Salman Khurshid has said that many more steps need to be taken and hoped that the government is equipped to take concrete action in the future. "We have supported it. I think it's important at this time not to raise questions. It would be unfair to raise questions on the government at this time. We fully support and hope that the government makes a sustainable effort in dealing with this. There are many more steps to be taken and I hope the government will be equipped to take the steps," Khurshid told ANI. On Pakistan terming the strike as a 'ceasefire violations, the Congress leader, said "Pakistan has no choice but to remain in denial, but we shouldn't pat ourselves, because they are a slippery and difficult people, and therefore, we should be fully prepared on what is our next step. We don't have to announce it, don't have to discuss it overtly, but we should be prepared for the next step." Asserting that diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan are at their 'lowest ebb', Khurshid said "We still have a high commissioner there and they have a high commissioner here, but how much is being done with those I doubt. I think diplomatic relations are a safety valve which we keep even in bad times." Director General of Military Operations (DGMO), Lt. Gen. Ranbir Singh, on Thursday said that the Indian Army conducted surgical strikes on seven terrorist launch pads across the Line of Control (LoC), which were ready to carry out terrorists strikes in Jammu and Kashmir and various other metros in the country around midnight. Singh said that the operation of the Indian Army was focused to ensure that the terrorists do not succeed in their design of infiltration and carry out destruction endangering the lives of citizens of the nation. "Now based on the specific and credible information which we received yesterday that some terrorist team had positioned themselves at launch pads along the Line of Control (LoC) with an aim to carry out infiltration and terrorists strikes in Jammu and Kashmir and various other metros in our country, the Indian army conducted surgical strikes last night at these launch pads," said Singh. Singh further said that he spoke with the Pakistani DGMO and expressed New Delhi's concern and meanwhile, shared information over the operation conducted by the Indian Army. Elucidating the involvement of Pakistan in the recent infiltration bids and terrorist strikes the Indian DGMO said that the captured terrorists have confessed that they were trained by the estranged Asian neighbour. "Captured terrorists hailing from Pakistan or Pakistani occupied Kashmir have confessed to their training and arming in Pakistan or territory under the control of Pakistan. The matter has been taken up at the highest diplomatic levels and the military levels at regular times. India has also offered counsellor access to the apprehended terrorists to Pakistan to verify their confessions," he said. "Despite our persistent urging that Pakistan respect it's commitment that it made in January 2004 'not to allow its soil or territory under its control be used for terrorism against India. There has been no let up in infiltration or terrorist actions inside our territory. If the damage was limited its has been primarily due to the efforts of the Indian Army who are deployed in multi tier counter infiltration grid. And most of the infiltration bids have been foiled at those locations. The Indian armed forces have been extremely vigilant in the face of continuing threat," he added. The DGMO also added that India had proposed to Pakistan to make available finger prints and DNA samples of terrorists who have been killed in the Uri and Poonch encounters their investigations. (ANI)