Getting to this stage with India was no 'walk in the park', took work: U.S.

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan. 19 (ANI): Asserting that the United States under President Barack Obama has time and against condemned the threat cross-border terrorism presents to India, outgoing U.S. Ambassador Richard Verma said Friday that New Delhi and Washington are the best partners to confront the fears and challenges this century presents. Speaking here at an event, Verma said that U.S. has addressed its concerns regarding threat to India with the leaders of Pakistan, and has called on the nation to shut down transfer routes, safe havens and to make sure that those who decide to choose the path of violence are held to account "Have to stand together against terrorism. No country can fight it alone. We share more intelligence. Relations between India and U.S. are on an upward trajectory and we have made substantial gains in the last two years," Verma said. Further speaking on the soaring development between the two nations, the Ambassador said that there are no better partners to confront the fears and seize the challenges of this century than the US and India. However, Verma added that getting to this stage of camaraderie has not been a walk in the park for both nations, as they had to resolve a string of tough issues in different sectors. "When I think about how we got to where we are, especially over the last two years, it hasn't been just a stroll around the parkland. We had to really resolve some tough issues, in trade, in civil nuclear reliability, in defence logistics agreement, at the pairs climate talk. I mean this takes a lot o work," he said. (ANI)