Goa won't compromise in Mahadayi water dispute case: Vijai Sardesai

| Updated: Aug 08, 2017 08:09 IST

Panaji (Goa), Aug. 8 (ANI): Goa Agriculture minister Vijai Sardesai on Monday asserted that the western Indian state will not compromise on its interests over the ongoing Mahadayi inter-state river water dispute case with Karnataka. Speaking to ANI here, Sardesai said, "State interest is not negotiable. It is a major water source. It is the lifeline in Goa and we are winning in Court. Karnataka has a weak case. Matter is sub judice, so I will not make a statement." Sardesai further said that Karnataka should know that the big brother attitude cannot work in Goa. State BJP president B.S. Yeddyurappa on Saturday announced in Karanataka that he would soon lead a delegation to Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar over the issue. Speaking on the issue, he added, "Yeddyurappa is a senior politician and he is on the verge of facing an election in Karnataka. So naturally...some statement will come. The BJP, Goa Forward and Congress know how important the river is for the state," he added. On July 27, the Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal rejected Karnataka's demand for 7.56 TMC of water and protests erupted in the region. (ANI)