Andhra Pradesh Minister Botsa Satyanarayana. (File photo)
Andhra Pradesh Minister Botsa Satyanarayana. (File photo)

Govt has full information on misdeeds took place on name of Amaravati: Andhra Min

ANI | Updated: Aug 26, 2019 21:54 IST

Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Aug 26 (ANI): Andhra Pradesh minister Botsa Satyanarayana on Monday claimed that the state government has complete information on the misdeeds which took place on the name of Amaravati capital.
Satyanarayana, state minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development said, "The government has full information on the misdeeds which took place on the name of Amaravati capital. We will reveal those details at 'appropriate time'."
He continued, "One former union Minister who is also a Rajya Sabha member earlier said that he has no lands in Amaravati region. If he challenges us, we will reveal the details then."
Adding that the farmers in Amaravati region approached him regarding certain issues pertaining to their lands, the minister said that the issues will be solved in 10-15 days.
Denied to make any comment on BJP MP TG Venkatesh's statement that state would get four capitals, the minister said, "Let him speak the name of the person who told him at first."
He also slammed opposition parties which have been demanding not to change the capital from Amaravati or else they would hold agitations.
"The same opposition parties had fought against the misdeeds and illegalities that took place in Amaravati capital region during earlier TDP regime. Now what happened to them?" he asked.
He claimed, "BJP, Congress, Left parties and Jana Sena Party of Pawan Kalyan are now raising their voice against the YSRCP government and demanding that capital should not be changed from Amaravati."
Standing firm on his stance on flood-prone Amaravati not safe to be Andhra capital, he asked, "Is Amaravati not in a flood-prone area, did it not submerge when 8 lakh cusecs of floodwater came in? Almost a decade ago, the region received 11 lakh cusecs of floodwater, but now the same area is inundated even if a lesser amount of floodwater gets in."
Earlier on August 20, the minister stirred a controversy by stating that Amaravati, which lies in a flood-prone area is not a safe place for the capital city and much of the public's money had been wasted in developing it. (ANI)