Govt urged to protect 'not only Kashmiris' but all Indians

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India] Apr 21 (ANI): Political leaders and social activists from Jammu and Kashmir on Friday welcomed Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh's call to all states to protect the Kashmiri students, but emphasized that every Indian should be protected anywhere in India. Welcoming Rajnath's statement, Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party chief Bhim Singh said that not only the Kashmiris living in other states should be protected but also those outsiders studying in Kashmir should also be protected. He called upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi to convene a meeting of all political parties to send a signal in the country that "we all are Indians and no Indian should be subjected to any sort of violence anywhere in the country". Social activist from Jammu and Kashmir, Sushil Pandit, said no law abiding citizen of India should be targeted unlawfully. "But the citizens should also bear in mind that they must behave in law abiding peaceful manner whether in Kashmir or outside," he added. Earlier in the day, the Home Minister appealed to all states to protect the Kashmiri students as "they are also equal citizens of India". Rajnath's appeal came after six Kashmiri students were injured on Thursday during a clash with locals in Chhitorgarh, Rajasthan. Earlier on Friday, the posters by a little known outfit 'Uttar Pradesh Nav Nirman Sena' warned the Kashmiris to leave Uttar Pradesh by April 30. (ANI)