Hardik Patel arrives in Udaipur, vows to work for farmers development

| Updated: Jul 18, 2016 01:18 IST

Udaipur, July 17 (ANI) In what may irk the BJP-led Centre, Patel quota leader Hardik Patel arrived here today and vowed to work for the development of farmers and poor. Recalling the contributions of Maharana Pratap and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Hardik said that he was thrilled to visit the land of such eminent revolutionaries. "Maharana Pratap was a great man of our country and I am extremely thrilled that today I came on his land.We have to work for the farmers and poor so as to take this nation ahead on the development path," he told the media here. Responding to a poser as to whether he would connect more people in his movement, Patel said, "The farmers and women here must be facing some troubles. We will work in this direction to ensure that they do not have any worries." The Patel quota stir leader, who has been granted bail in accordance with the Gujarat High Court's condition that he would have to stay out of the state for next six months, said those in power would have taunted him had he visited a non-BJP ruled state. "If I would have visited a state not ruled by the BJP then they would have said that he got scared. I haven't done anything wrong and I believe in non-violence. Every individual has got the right in this democratic country to raise his voice," said Hardik. "So, we are carrying forward our fight and it does not matter as to which party is ruling a particular state," he added. The 22-year-old leader, who walked out of jail earlier on Friday after nearly 10 months of incarceration, would stay at a house owned by former Congress MLA and local Patel leader Pushkarlal Patel in Udaipur for this period. The High Court had earlier paved the way for Hardik's release after granting him bail in two cases of sedition and a case related to violence at Visnagar MLA's office. (ANI)