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Congress leader Harish Rawat's advisor Surinder Aggarwal (Photo/ANI)
Congress leader Harish Rawat's advisor Surinder Aggarwal (Photo/ANI)

Harish Rawat's advisor targets AICC-incharge of Uttarakhand Devender Yadav

ANI | Updated: Dec 22, 2021 22:43 IST

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) [India], December 22 (ANI): Hours after Congress leader Harish Rawat took potshots at Congress leadership saying his "hands are being tied" in Uttarakhand, his advisor Surinder Aggarwal targeted AICC incharge of state Devender Yadav and said there is a probability that Yadav is involved "in BJP's conspiracy" to prevent formation of Rawat-led government in the forthcoming polls.
Aggarwal said if Harish Rawat's posters were removed from from Rahul Gandhi's rally in the presence of Devendra Yadav, then his role comes into doubt.
Rahul Gandhi had addressed a rally in poll-bound Uttarakhand on December 16.
"Harish Rawat is a senior leader of Congress. If his posters are removed from Rahul Gandhi's rally in the presence of Devendra Yadav, then his role comes into doubt. There's a probability that Devender Yadav is involved in BJP's conspiracy to stop the formation of Harish Rawat's government," Aggarwal said.
He said Bharatiya Janata Party may have used central agencies for threatening Congress party members so that a party government is again formed in the state.
"BJP may have used ED or CBI to threaten any of our members. They may have misguided our colleague to fulfill their motive of creating differences between Harish Rawat and our members. BJP has done this before and it is a small task for them," said Aggarwal.
Harish Rawat on Wednesday made a veiled attack on the Congress leadership saying "nominees of those whose directions one has to swim (in the electoral battle) are tying my hands and feet".

He also expressed anguish at factionalism in the state unit saying there was "non-cooperation" from the party organization in the state at most places and that a thought has been crossing his mind that "it is time to rest".
"Isn't it strange, one has to swim in the sea in the form of forthcoming electoral battle, instead of cooperation, the organisational structure at most places is turning its face away or is playing a negative role," Rawat said in his tweet.
"There are many crocodiles of the ruling dispensation. On whose directions one has to swim, their nominees are tying my hands and feet," he added.
Rawat also cited lines associated with Gita.
"And then quietly in a corner of mind, a voice is erupting, 'na denyam, na palaynam' (one who does not bow or flee). Perhaps the new year will show the way. I have faith that Lord Kedarnath will will provide me guidane in this situation," he said.
Rawat, a member of Congress Working Committee, is a key Congress troubleshooter and is seen as the party's face for the elections in Uttarakhand.
The Congress is keen to come back to power in Uttarakhand in assembly polls early next year.
Rawat is apparently keen to be projected as chief ministerial candidate. Party leades have so far said that the polls will be held under "collective leadership".
Sources said Rawat is likely to meet Rahul Gandhi on December 25. (ANI)