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Health Ministry holds first meeting of committee constituted to examine Central legislation against assault on doctors

Priyanka Sharma | Updated: Jul 10, 2019 20:33 IST

By Priyanka Sharma
New Delhi [India], July 10 (ANI): The Union Health Ministry on Wednesday held its first meeting of the committee constituted to examine the pros and cons of bringing out a Central Legislation against the assault on doctors on duty and clinical establishments.
The meeting was chaired by the joint secretary (health) along with the representatives from AIIMS, RML, MHA, and FORDA.
"We have listened to all representatives for the formulation of the Central Law to protect doctors. The discussions were on improving medical infrastructure, strengthening manpower and safety of all medical practitioners like doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, etc across the country. As it was our first meeting, we have directed all the representatives to submit a report to us for our next meeting scheduled on Wednesday," a senior health ministry official told ANI.
Dr Amarinder Singh Malhi, President, RDA AIIMS, who attended the meeting said," There needs to be a central security act with provisions for expedition of legal recourse, swift justice, provision of a non-bailable offence and counter penalty provision against investigation officer (IO), if at all investigation is not taken up in time bound manner and if justice is not ensured."
"Zero conviction of assailants till date despite innumerable reported incidents and with already existing provisions necessitates a uniform central act," said Dr. Malhi.
"At present, only 19 states have state legislation on violence against doctors. Hence, bringing central law enables all the states across the country to adopt and the law. This will also ensure that all the incidents reported from any hospital or clinical establishment shall be dealt uniformly by the law enforcing agencies as per the legal provisions in the law throughout the nation," said Dr Sumedh Sandhanshiv, President, Federation of Resident Doctors' Association (FORDa).
The recent incident of violence against doctors in West Bengal highlighted the issue of increasing incidents of violence against doctors across the nation. (ANI)