Heartbroken elephant calf refuses to part with mother's dead body in Assam

| Updated: Nov 26, 2016 14:32 IST

Sonitpur (Assam) [India], Nov.26 (ANI): In a heart wrenching incident, a baby elephant in Assam's Sonitpur district refused to leave its mother's body after the elephant fell into a pit and died. The incident took place at a construction site of Patanjali Mega Herbal and Food Park at Ghoramari region. The video shows the heartbreaking scene of the calf repeatedly tapping and nudging its mother's lifeless form in apparent confusion. Several hours after its death, the forest officials took out the elephant's body from the pit with the help of a crane. Later, they removed her tusk and buried her remains. Criticising for not taking proper precautions, Assam Forest officer Pramila Rani Brahmin said the department will lodge a case the site contractor. "Because they have not taken any protective measure, injustice has been done to all elephants and I will lodge an FIR," said Brahmin on Friday. She further said a probe will be initiated against the people, who ordered digging of the deep pit. Increasing human population has depleted the habitat of wild animals, forcing them to stray into human settlements, attacking people and often getting killed in return.(ANI)