Hyderabad: Heavy rains inundate local Church, parishioners call on state Govt. for aid

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana), [India], Sept 26 (ANI): Incessant rains have flooded the Holy Trinity Church in Hyderabad to a level of about four feet, which have left the parishioners feeling helpless as they are getting no help from the state government. The waterlogged is preventing people from offering their prayers. The condition is such that even snakes and insects have appeared in the stagnant water. Local residents are blaming the state government for negligence. "We have been facing this problem for many years, but are not able to solve this problem. No one from the other churches or other communities is coming forward to support us. Our nominated MLA has not turned up to support us. So, we are facing a problem here, as mass cannot be conducted. The wall is broken, the water level is above four feet inside the church. Snakes are floating around. It has become very difficult for us," a local resident said. Local residents have started chipping in money to hire help to overcome the crisis. "Nobody has come for our help. We called people to come and inspect, but nobody has turned up. There is no help from the side of the government. We ourselves are investing money to get out of this situation," another resident said. Hyderabad has received very good showers in the month of September. It has been raining continuous for the last many days in this city. According to reports, on September 21, Hyderabad recorded 67 mm of rainfall in just 24 hours. The next day, Hyderabad recorded 73.1 mm of rainfall and 27.8 mm on September 24. Heavy downpour wreaked havoc in the capital and other parts of Telangana over the last few days. So much so, that Army troops had been deployed in rain-affected areas of Hyderabad and the neighboring Ranga Reddy district. The worst affected areas in Hyderabad include Begumpet, Nizampet and Hakimpet areas. (ANI)