Hyderabad: School Children organises awareness programme on digital payments

| Updated: Dec 24, 2016 14:17 IST

Telangana (Hyderabad), Dec. 24 (ANI): Science Path School of Hyderabad recently held an awareness programme on digital payments in a bid to promote a cashless economy post demonetisation. The students were seen informing elders about online applications which are used for making payments, Internet banking and the also informed them about the pros and cons of digital payments. Demonstration models were made to help the elderly understand easily. "Today, we are celebrating maths day as a mark of respect to Dr. Ramanujan. He was a great mathematician and you see our children are doing lots of things on maths. They are doing tricks, magic's and even the digitalisation is going over there. In our school we give more preference to maths and that's why you can see many stalls here," Karima, faculty member told ANI. She further said that the children have put more efforts to educate the parents about digitalisation. "Our children are putting more efforts on that so that the parents won't face problem when they go outside. The parents have given very nice response and they liked it." she added. "I have explained the parents about Paytm, so I also understood how to use it and now I can help everybody about it. Without cash one can do shopping, buy movie tickets and go anywhere when we have Paytm." Hussain, a student said. To make India less reliant on hard currencies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the people to use debit cards and other digital payments while purchasing essential items. (ANI)