Hyderabad: Three-year-old terrifies parents, doctors by crying tears of blood

| Updated: Jul 08, 2017 09:03 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], July 08 (ANI): A three-year-old girl has left her parents and doctors terrified and puzzled with a mysterious condition that causes her to cry tears of blood. Ahana Afzal, had started bleeding from her nose 16 months ago while doctors put it down to a high fever. But now, the girl bleeds from her mouth, ears, eyes and private parts of her body regularly. Speaking to ANI, Pediatric Oncologist, Dr Sirisha said, "Ahana might be having a rare condition called Hematidrosis in which a human sweats blood. After days of medical care and concern, the bleeding has reduced a lot. She required multiple transfusions and recurrent admissions. One's physical health is badly affected with this and she is a child. It has not permanently been cured but process is on." Meanwhile, the father of the girl, Mohammed Afzal, said, "My daughter's problem started when she had a nosebleed, aged one, that time she was suffering from pneumonia. When I question doctors on her permanent cure- they don't have an answer. At present the doctors are taking help and suggestion from other hospital doctors and have been treating on my daughter. I request Central and State Government to help my daughter in this treatment. (ANI)