IAF trains Delhi Police to spot potential air threats during R-Day celebrations

| Updated: Jan 20, 2017 16:43 IST

By Mayank Singh New Delhi [India], Jan. 20 (ANI): The preparations of the Delhi Police against the imminent air threat during the Republic Day parade have been beefed up with a special training imparted by the Indian Air Force (IAF). Following the Delhi Police's advice of security threat through air, the IAF has chipped in to help in tightening the air security cordon. Sources said the IAF has trained the Delhi Police personnel in spotting the flying objects, which can be a potential threat to the security of the people and installations. Talking to ANI, an IAF officer said, "Air Defence specialists in the Air Force have trained 40 Delhi Police officials of the level of Assistant Sub-Inspectors and below in spotting and visually authenticating the unauthorized air objects, which could pose a threat to the safety and security." This training lasted for three days during which the Delhi Police personnel were familiarized with the potential objects, which could be a threat. The Delhi Police had assessed the threats and reported that incidents of sighting of sub-conventional aerial platforms have been reported in the national capital. Keeping the sensitivities of the Republic Day, the then Delhi Police Commissioner Alok Kumar Verma, now appointed as the CBI Director, had issued an ex-parte order to be effective for 32 days from January 9 to February 9. The order clearly mentions, "It has been reported that certain criminal, anti-social elements or terrorists inimical to India may pose a threat to the safety of the general public, dignitaries and vital installations by the use of sub-conventional aerial platforms like para-gliders, para-motors, hang glider, UAVs, UASs, micro-light aircrafts, remotely piloted aircrafts, hot air ballons, small size powered aircrafts, quad-copters or even by para jumping from aircraft etc." All the above mentioned sub-conventional aerial platforms have been prohibited from flying. This training by the IAF is important so that the potential air threat can be spotted in time and can be eliminated before it could pose any potential threat to life and material. (ANI)