If you push us in the muck, you'll also get dirty: Congress to PM Modi

| Updated: Feb 11, 2017 12:08 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb. 11 (ANI): In the line of fire because of his recent remarks against the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been getting backlash from different quarters of Indian politics, most of it stating that it is unbecoming of a position like his. Reiterating the sentiment, the Congress Party on Saturday ridiculed Prime Minister Modi's comments and dared him to 'expose' them if he really wants to. Congress leader Sandeep Dixit said Prime Minister Modi should remember if he tries to push his opponents in the muck, he might also get dirty. "If you have the 'kachcha chitthha', please open it and show it to the world. Is it a fun game that you're warning us? I want to tell Prime Minister Modi that we are not kids or the unarmed men, who you targeted in the year 2002. We fight openly. If you really can, please tell the world what you want to. And also remember, when you try to push your opponents in the muck, you also get dirty," he said. Further commenting on the Prime Minister's statements, Congress leader Tom Vadakkan said his advisory is more applicable to his own party - the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and not the Congress. He said, "Prime Minister Modi is very correct. Everybody should be careful with the tongue. I think it's relevant with his workers, his political leaders to watch their tongue. And whatever they say should be in the political framework and they should maintain basic decency. I think this advisory is more applicable to BJP leaders and followers, and not to the Congress." Prime Minister Modi, a day before, warned the Congress not to test him, asserting that crossing of limits will result in him exposing the UPA Government's "corrupt" history. Earlier, he had trained his guns on his predecessor Dr. Manmohan Singh, accusing him of letting corruption run free under his nose but managing to steer clear of any charges. (ANI)