BJP leader Sambit Patra speaking to reporters at a press conference in New Delhi on Sunday. Photo/ANI
BJP leader Sambit Patra speaking to reporters at a press conference in New Delhi on Sunday. Photo/ANI

Imran Khan heads a country called 'Terroristan', should answer on Nankana Sahib, says Sambit Patra

ANI | Updated: Jan 05, 2020 17:18 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 5 (ANI): BJP leader Sambit Patra on Sunday said that Imran Khan heads a country which is best called 'Terroristan' and the Pakistan Prime Minister should answer on Nankana Sahib rather than talking about the condition of minorities in India.
"Imran Khan tweeted that he is hurt by the incident at Gurdwara Nankana Sahib but he has raised questions on the condition of minorities in India. Our take is that Imran Khan heads a country which is best called 'Terroristan'. He is creating an environment against India. Post the surgical strike and air-strike at Balakot, Khan's condition is such that he has been caught red-handed promoting terrorism," Patra said while addressing a press conference here.
"Today, India's public warns Imran Khan that he should look into his own country's situation. After partition, the percentage of minorities in Pakistan was around 23 percent. Today the minorities are less than 1.5 percent in that country. He should give an answer on Nankana Sahib. In Peshawar, a Sikh youth named Ravinder Singh has been killed by a gunshot. He has no right to comment on India when the situation of his country is such," he added.
Khan raked up his rhetorics on the state of minorities in India, saying that there is a "major difference" between the "condemnable Nankana incident and the ongoing attack across India on Muslims and other minorities."
"The major difference between the condemnable Nankana incident & the ongoing attacks across India on Muslims and other minorities is this: the former is against my vision & will find zero tolerance & protection from the govt incl police & judiciary," Khan tweeted.
"In contrast, Modi's RSS vision supports minority oppression & the targeted attacks against Muslims are part of this agenda. RSS goons conducting public lynchings, Muslims being violated by mobs are all not only supported by Modi Govt but Indian police lead anti-Muslim attacks," he added.
Sambit Patra further said that there are a few leaders in Congress who are speaking the same language as Pakistan.
"It is sad that there are some people in India who also speak the same language as Pakistan. Congress leader Rashid Alvi has made a statement that Imran Khan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are in cahoots with each other as they are promoting each other. I want to ask that is this Congress party's official stand?" Patra questioned.
Patra expressed disappointment that the toll-free number put out by BJP to garner support for Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is being maligned by some people on social media.
"We put out a toll-free number for people to give a missed call on to support CAA. Some people on social media are maligning the number by associating it with Netflix, free data, etc. We clarify that this number is for no other reason but to support CAA. This number should not be reduced to ridicule," he said.
"We have taken on the most respectful duty of 'Jan Jagrukta Abhiyan' with respect to CAA. Even at the time when this press conference is going on, the Union Ministers of the government are engaged in this awareness campaign related to CAA," he added.
In a bid to dispel rumors against the newly enacted CAA, the BJP launched a campaign today to generate awareness among the people regarding the citizenship law.
Starting from today, the campaign will conclude on January 15.
As part of its programme, the BJP has launched a toll-free number 8866288662 for people to give missed calls to register their endorsement of the law.
CAA grants Indian citizenship to refugees from Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and Parsi communities fleeing religious persecution from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh who entered India on or before December 31, 2014. (ANI)