Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a rally in Delhi on Wednesday
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a rally in Delhi on Wednesday

In Delhi, PM Modi tears into AAP with 'Nakaampanthi' jibe, slams Cong for dynasty politics

ANI | Updated: May 08, 2019 22:36 IST

New Delhi [India], May 8 (ANI): With only three days left for the national capital to vote, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday tore into political rivals, Congress and AAP, saying that one believes in the ideology of 'Naampanthi' while the other in that of Nakaampanthi'.
"Country has witnessed four political cultures. First is 'Naampanthi' which a have vision only for their family and dynasty. The second is 'Vaampanthi' who only copy foreign ideas. The third is 'Daam and Daman Panthi', for whom the republic stands for rules of goon. The fourth is Vikaspanthi for whom Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas is supreme. Delhi is the country's only state which has seen the fifth model of the political culture which is 'Naakaam panthi'. Ones who say no to all work related to the development of the state and fail in all their endeavours. This model has breached the trust of people of the country", he said.
Blaming AAP for the 'failure of Anna Aandolan', Modi further added, "They have committed the sin of failing a big movement against corruption. They broke the trust of crores of youth. These people had come to change the country but then got changed. They had come to provide a new system but became a synonym of Anarchism and chaos."
"First they made objectionable comments about everyone and later crawled to apologise. These people took U-turn for personal ambitions. They displayed their culture by abusing every constitutional post of the country. They blamed others for all their failure and also supported the tukde-tukde gang. They also made contacts with anti-country people outside India," he added.
PM Modi also accused the state government of not implementing public friendly initiatives coined by the Central government and said, "The Central government hospitals are providing treatment under Ayushman Bharat but the state government hospital is not giving this facility because the 'Nakaampanthi' government of Delhi hasn't implemented the scheme."
He also slammed opposition parties for practicing 'dynastic politics' for decades.
"The nation is looking at the 4th generation of naamdar family of Congress. But this dynastic mindset is not restricted to just one family. All those who have been close to this family have carried forward the flag of the dynasty. Dikshit's in Delhi, Hoodas in Haryana, from there till Bhajan Lal ji and Bansi Lal ji dynasty politics is going on. Beant Singh's family in Punjab, Gehlots and Pilots in Rajasthan. Scindias, Kamal Nath's family and Digvijaya Singh's family in MP are strengthening dynasty. Parties have been floated in names of Abdullahs and Muftis in Jammu and Kashmir, Mulayam Singh ji's family in UP and Lalu ji's family in Bihar. Dynasty is thriving through Pawars in Maharashtra, Deve Gowda ji's family in Karnataka, in Tamil Nadu by Karunanidhi ji's family, in Andhra by Chandrababu Naidu ji," he said.
Hitting back at the Congress for raising objections over his remarks against former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, he said, "These (Congress) people want votes on the name of their ancestors but when we highlight their wrong doings it disturbs them. If they are seeking votes on anyone's name they will be held accountable for their actions."
He also accused the Gandhi family of compromising national security and using INS Virat as a "personal taxi" for 10 days for a vacation.
"At the time when INS Virat was positioned for protection of maritime boundaries, it was sent to take Rajiv Gandhi and his family to an island for their holiday. Even his in-laws were onboard INS Virat. Is it not a compromise of national security? Even Navy personnel were put on service of Rajiv Gandhi and his family while they were vacationing at the island. INS Virat was also stationed at the island for 10 days during that time." he said.
Striking a personal chord with the locals, the Prime Minister said, "After becoming the Prime Minister, I have travelled to different parts of Delhi and NCR. Many times when I used to see barricades put around roads during my movement, I would feel bad about people getting affected. Moments like, when I meet people while travelling on metro, remain very close to my heart.
Addressing the issue of pollution in the national capital, Prime minister underscored, "Pollution is a big challenge for Delhi. The solution to this lies in better use of technology and modern means of transport. People of Delhi will be getting the benefit of extension of the metro, electric mobility and next-generation infrastructure. Previously thousands of trucks bound for UP, Haryana and other states would pass through Delhi and would add to traffic jam and pollution. Those trucks can now get to their destination without crossing Delhi due to the construction of eastern peripheral and western peripheral."
Modi also asserted that his government has started working to clean Yamuna River.
All seven parliamentary constituencies of Delhi will be going to polls on May 8. The results will be announced on May 23. In 2014, general elections BJP have won all seven seats of Delhi in the parliamentary elections. (ANI)