Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a gathering in Guruvayur in Thrissur of Kerala on Saturday. (Photo/ANI)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a gathering in Guruvayur in Thrissur of Kerala on Saturday. (Photo/ANI)

India rejected negativity, voted positivity in polls

ANI | Updated: Jun 08, 2019 13:45 IST

Guruvayur (Kerala) [India], June 8 (ANI): In a veiled message to the Opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the people of the country have completely rejected negativity and their vote in the Lok Sabha elections reflected positivity for making a new India.
He also said that the people's mandate in these elections will force the world to look at the country with more respect and expectations.
"The people of the country have reflected positivity and completely rejected negativity in these elections. They way 130 crore people have come forward with a new spirit and positive attitude to make a new India in this election, it has forced the world to look at India with more respect and expectation," Modi said at a public meeting, his first after taking oath for a second time as Prime Minister, after offering prayers at the famous Sri Krishna temple here.
He said, "In these elections, the country has seen that the people are the masters. Political parties, political pundits and pollsters could not sense the mood of the people."
Thanking voters of the state for participating in the election in large number, the Prime Minister said that his government at the Centre would work all sections of society, including those who did not "get an opportunity" to vote for the BJP and NDA.
He said, "Ones who voted to victory are ours and those who missed an opportunity to make us winner are also ours. Kerala is as ours as Varanasi."
"BJP workers are not only in the field for electoral politics. We serve the people throughout the year according to our political ideology. We have not entered politics just to form a government. We are here to make the country. We are in politics to ensure India gets a proper position on in the world order," Modi said.
Prime Minister Modi said that the government has started seven projects to promote tourism in Kerala.
He assured the people that the government is committed to providing all assistance to Kerala to deal with the Nipah virus cases.
Before addressing the gathering, Modi performed puja at the Sri Krishna Temple on his maiden visit to the state after the BJP registered a thumping victory in the general elections. Clad in a white 'mundu' for the rituals, performed 'thulabharam' - an act of weighing oneself against a particular article, ranging from flowers to eatables, and donating it.
Modi's visit to the state coincides with that of Congress President Rahul Gandhi who is in his parliamentary constituency Wayanad for three days ending on Sunday. Gandhi accused Modi of using "poison of hatred" to divide the country and winning the election by lies.
While BJP bagged 303 seats across the country in the Lok Sabha elections, it drew a blank from the state. (ANI)