Indian security forces tear into Pakistan's 'innocence' claim

| Updated: Aug 13, 2016 14:02 IST

Srinagar, Aug. 13 (ANI): Even as Pakistan keeps on pleading innocence before the international community and denies its role in exporting terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, Indian security forces have come out with startling revelation, which is enough to prove Islamabad's role in sponsoring terrorism with the pursuit to destabilise and disturb peace in the Valley. According to Indian Security forces, they have neutralised 5,036 Pakistani terrorists since 1990, which is equal to five battalions, and have seized huge arms cache and explosives from their possessions and during raids conducted at numerous terrorists' hideouts in the state. The arms cache and explosive seized by security forces since 1990 include 34,247 AK rifles, 5,130 grenade launchers, 91 light machine guns (LMG), 1,175 rocket launchers, 461 Sniper rifles, 357 missile launchers, 924 Pika guns, three anti-tank guns, four anti-aircraft guns, 12,382 pistols/revolvers, 12,961 kg of RDX, 49,344 kg other explosives, 28,318 bomb/mines/rocket boosters, 1,00,376 grenades, and 54 lakh bullets/ammunitions among others. The number of terrorists neutralised by the Indian forces and the huge cache of arms and ammunition and explosives seized by them are enough proof to tear into Pakistan's futile claims that she was not the breeding ground and exporter of terrorism. (ANI)