IndiGo rebuffs charges of poaching Alliance Air employees

| Updated: May 17, 2017 00:01 IST

New Delhi [India], May 16 (ANI): IndiGo rebuffed the charges of poaching Alliance Air (Air India) pilots and engineers on Tuesday. IndiGo asserted that it hasn't approached any of the Alliance Air's pilots and engineers. Earlier in the day, Alliance Air (Alliance Air) CEO C.S. Subbiah charged IndiGo with poaching its pilots and engineers. Subbiah told ANI, "We welcome competition but it should not be at the cost of other regional connectivity schemes which is introduced by the Government of India is to ensure that smaller cities be connected to the metros or between themselves. But, if there is going to be any disruption in the connectivity of any of the airlines who are already in the market, it is going to affect the overall regional connectivity scheme totally. We are not against competition, we are only saying that it has taken us three to four years to come into this position of being able to connect India which is also our slogan- Connecting India." He suggested the IndiGo Airlines spend their time in building their own resources instead of doing these unethical practices. "IndiGo should spend their time in building their own resources instead of doing these unethical practices of approaching competitors, man power and recruiting them without any sense of ethical way. IndiGo is approaching our employees and offer open quote salary," Subbiah said. Subbiah also asserted that the regulatory authorities should step in the matter and provide enough protection. "So, we only feel that the regulatory authorities will step in and provide enough protection for not only us but to other airlines that are also there, including not only just pilots but also technical manpower should be protected. Some of our pilot's technical manpower is being approached to join IndiGo. We will be approaching the regulatory authorities to ensure that sufficient protection given to the airlines who are already entrenched in the regional connectivity scheme so that are services are not disrupted. Of course we will be going to the Ministry," Subbiah added.(ANI)