INLD president OP Chautala (File photo)
INLD president OP Chautala (File photo)

INLD writes PM, says 'Grossly unfair' that we were not invited for discussion on 'one nation, one election'

ANI | Updated: Jun 22, 2019 19:05 IST

Chandigarh [India], Jun 22 (ANI): Miffed over not being invited at the all-party meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss 'one nation, one election' proposal, The Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) has sent a letter to the Prime Minister.
Terming it as "grossly unfair", the INLD pointed out that the issue was discussed in the past and it was duly invited to participate in the exchange of views or asked to submit its views in writing.
"Being a responsible political party, it has without failure responded to such communications. However, this time when INLD learnt of such a meeting with the Prime Minister, we were surprised to note that even though other regional and state parties were invited, the INLD had not been extended the same courtesy," the party said in a statement on Friday.
The INLD underlined that the party has held the view in the past that though 'one nation one election' proposal is a laudable and desirable because of logistics and financial implications, yet the broader details need to be carefully worked out since the state Assemblies are governed by a different set of dynamics.
"All states and regions have differing challenges and cannot be governed by 'one size fit all' formula. Therefore it is unfair to hitch the fate of states with that of Centre. Realising this, those responsible for the framing of our Constitution had given it a quasi-federal structure and had clearly marked various subjects under the Union, State and Concurrent list," the party said.
"Thus any change that might be under contemplation requires considerable caution as it is bound to alter the basic federal structure of the Constitution," it added.
The party further said, "In view of this the INLD is of the firm opinion that it is grossly unfair on the part of the Government of India in not inviting INLD for discussing a very serious matter that is likely to have serious consequences." (ANI)