Inter-ethnic get-together meeting calls for peace in Manipur

| Updated: Dec 22, 2016 14:09 IST

Imphal (Manipur) [India], Dec.22 (ANI): Peace-lover leaders of various ethnic groups of Manipur have come together to put an end to the communal dissonance in the state. The Goodwill Mission for Peaceful Co-existence, a conglomerate body of 17 both hill and valley-based civil society organisations organised a get together meeting at Ema Keithel here on Wednesday. Speakers at the meeting expressed their views to strengthen the bond of fraternity and mend communal enmity among the ethnic groups of Manipur. Several representatives of all ethnic communities from all the districts attended the meeting and delivered speeches in support of bringing peace in the state and end the present tussle. The representatives of ethnic groups in Manipur unanimously called on the state government and the UNC to settle their quarrel at the earliest in view of the sufferings face by the innocent people. It also called all to join hands in bringing peaceful co-existence among the ethnic communities of Manipur. The Goodwill Mission also resolved to intensify their peace campaign across the state to bring peace and solution to ethnic conflicts. After the meeting, Convenor of the Goodwill Mission, Ningthoucha Lancha, said that the opinions shared by the leaders of the ethnic communities would be taken into consideration and acted upon. It was also decided to push the Centre and the Manipur government to resolve the ongoing issue at the earliest. (ANI)