Lt General (Retd) DS Hooda addressing a press conference in New Delhi on Sunday.
Lt General (Retd) DS Hooda addressing a press conference in New Delhi on Sunday.

It does hurt: DS Hooda condemns Pragya Thakur's remark onHemant Karkare

ANI | Updated: Apr 21, 2019 15:14 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr 21 (ANI): Lt General (Retd) DS Hooda on Sunday condemned the remarks of BJP leader Pragya Singh Thakur on late former Mumbai ATS chief late Hemant Karkare.
“Yes, it does hurt when such things are said about a martyr, be it from the Army or the Police, full respect should be given. These utterances are not good,” Hooda told reporters in a press conference here.
In a comment that has courted controversy, Thakur had said earlier that Karkare lost his life because she had cursed him.
“I called Hemant Karkare and asked him to let me go if there is no evidence (against me). He (Karkare) said that he will bring evidence but will not leave me. I told him -- You will be ruined," Thakur had said.
During the press conference, Hooda presented a report titled 'India, National Security Strategy'. 
The five major points in the report are - assuming our rightful place in global affairs, achieving a secure neighbourhood, peaceful resolution of internal conflicts, protecting our people and strengthening our capabilities.
Speaking on the report, Hooda said: “We have submitted a report to Congress president on national security. We have decided that it should be holy touch. India is doing well diplomatically but there should be a permanent seat in UNSC. The second issue is with the relations with our neighbouring countries and how our relations should be with Pakistan. The attention has been paid to the insurgency in North-East India and Maoism.”
“Fourthly, we have looked at public security. The security of common people is also an important part of national security like climate change, demographic change, cyber challenge, energy and economic security. In the fifth point, we have paid attention to how we can increase our military capacity,” he added.
Speaking on the politicisation and questions over the air strikes on Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camps in Balakot, Hooda said, “When senior military officers come and say that this operation has been done, that should be the end of it. Unfortunately, the whole debate keeps dragging on and it comes out in various forums that is why the military tends to get drawn into political arguments and debates, that is not correct.” (ANI)