Jaisalmer Police trains in use of modern weaponry post Uri terror strike

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) [India], Sept.26 (ANI): In the wake of Uri terror attack which has heightened tensions along the India-Pakistan border, Jaisalmer Police has initiated a programme to give training in the handling of modern weaponry. Six police stations -- Jhinjiniali Shahgarh, Ramgarh, Rajgarh, Mohangarh and Ranchna -- in Jaisalmer District -- are undergoing this training. Police personnel have been asked to coordinate with the Border Security Force (BSF) deployed along the border. "We are training each and every police officials in these stations to make theme capable to use modern weapons in times of emergency," Gaurav Yadav, Superintendent of Police, Jaisalmer, said. "They have been given training to behave normally with the public and have also asked to coordinate with the BSF to effectively discharge their duties so that they can tackle any unforeseen circumstances," he added. One of the important points to note, Gaurav Yadav said, is the problem of shifting sand dunes which mostly occurs at Shahgarh area which is why the probability of infiltration becomes higher. Hence additional forces have been deployed in these police stations. Eighteen soldiers died on Sunday when armed militants lobbed grenade into their tents and barricades while they were asleep. The bombardment caused large fire thereby resulting in casualties. (ANI)