JD (U) questions land purchase done by BJP, calls it a scam

| Updated: Nov 27, 2016 14:06 IST

Patna (Bihar) [India], Nov. 27(ANI): The Janata Dal (United) (JDU) has accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of being involved in a scam where they purchased lands in Bihar by cash and below the circle rate which is a criminal offence. JD (U) leader Rajiv Ranjan questioned the desperation shown by the saffron party in advance of the demonetisation announcement. "Yesterday, Sushil Modi said that all transactions were done through the RTGS, but the evidences we presented, clearly state that there were cash transactions also and the BJP has bought lands below the circle rate which is a crime," he said. "This is a big scam. In the past two months, the way BJP has purchased land we just want to ask why they were so desperate two months prior to the demonetisation announcement," he added. BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi on Saturday claimed that his party sends every detail of its spending to the income tax authorities and any purchase of land is made through cheques or RTGS and there is no involvement of cash. "BJP provides every details of its spending to the income tax; any purchase of land is through cheque/RTGS, not cash," Sushil Kumar Modi said. (ANI)